Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching display featuring some of the largest and most colorful kites around, have in mind acrobatic/precision stunt kite performances, or would like to host kids kite making activity, the Wisconsin Kiters Club can help*.  Here are some of the things we can do for your event:

  • Fly very large show kites (75 – 100 ft. long, and 25 – 40 ft. wide)
  • Lend our expertise during your planning process by advising on the setting and safety
  • Provide kids kite kits, at a modest cost per kite.
  • Stunt kite performances choreographed to music
  • Candy drops for children
  • Connect you with a kite vendor for on-site sales

Consider the following as you plan your event:

  • Venue: A large unobstructed area about 1 acre or more, away from buildings, power lines, and trees, is required to safely fly kites.
  • Weather: Kite flying is entirely dependent upon mother nature, so consider having a back-up plan or rain date. And some days there’s is just not enough wind to keep kites in the air.
  • Availability: See our calendar for a look at our current commitments.
  • Accommodations: Our members are located across the state and drive for hours to perform at day-long events. The size of our kites and volume of gear to fly them require early field access and preparation and teardown time. Hotel accommodations, meals, and gas stipends through your event sponsors are always appreciated.

Submit your completed request form to today:

* Subject to availability and setup requirements for participation and safety