We offer a $15 family membership. May 31 is the annual deadline for these dues in order to be eligible to attend the year-end banquet and kite raffle.


Annual Member Banquet and Kite Raffle
  • Friendship and Expertise – Share your passion for kite flying with other fun-loving and “serious” kiters.
  • Club Flies – We gather for club fun flies in locations around the state. Club members also gather early in the year to make kite kits for kids. We start the year off with approx. 2,000 kids kites and sell them to festivals and community events state-wide. Revenue from the kits helps keep us solvent.
  • Club Meetings – At least two per year. Lately, we’ve been holding several informal meetings as well…whenever we can get a sizeable portion of the membership together. Each family membership receives two votes.
  • Annual Dinner and Kite Raffle – Our annual banquet is a great opportunity to connect with friends. Each kiter receives 10 free raffle tickets and one additional for each club fly participated in.
  • Insurance Coverage – Club-sanctioned events are covered under an extension of the American Kitefliers Association’s (AKA) liability coverage. AKA members are covered up to $1 million and non-AKA members are covered up to $100,000. Become an AKA member:

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